Standardized work

Standardized Work Creating Continuous Flow Process Coaching Incorporated Presented byt Brian D Krichbaum Definition A detailed and docu production workers ora repeatable sequence te„:— to view nut*ge assignment. The stan represents the best follow in the completion ot his/her job. page 2 of59 0 2008 Process Coaching Incorporated Elements Takt time – Demand Rate Cycle Time – Production Time Work Sequence Page 5 of59 Process Instruction Sheets Detailed, visual instructions written from the perspective of the operator which detail the sequence, methods, tools required and critical o quality characteristics of an operation.

Page 6 of 59 Cell Layout Detailed, visual representation of the location of everything in the workcell, including workstations, parts racks and storage areas, and operators. Used to plan the layout of cells, analyze the amount of walking built into the process and to institutionalize improvements Remove 1 blue label from each block Remove 1 Yellow label from each block Remove 1 red label from each block Repack Box Return to storage area page 9 of 59 TasVProcess Being Observed Observer(s) Day/Time Of Observation Assigned Component Time Observation Number Step No.

Task Component 2 4 6 7 8 PAGF3ÜFd 15 2 Place in Wash Tub 10 Press Button to start wash 3 tub 5 sec 10 sec 15 sec 20 sec 25 sec 30 sec 35 sec 40 sec 45 sec 50 Sec 55 Sec 60 Sec 65 Sec 70 Sec 75 Sec 80 Sec 85 Sec 90 Sec 95 sec 100 sec 105 sec 110 sec 115 sec 120 sec 4 Wash Tub Cycle Obtain Manifold from 5 wash tub Place manifold on work 6 bench Obtain 4 valves from 7 stock area Remove packaging from 8 varves IO 9 Place valves on manifold Obtain screws and hand 10 tighten Obtain torque wrench and 1 1 torgue to 50 ft Ibs Record torque values on 12 tracker